Three Great Reasons Why Edmonton's Future is Bright

Photo by Marie-Michèle Bouchard

Families of all shapes and sizes want to be assured of the future. Whether you’re parenting toddlers or young adults eager to move out and into the workforce, it’s important to think critically about where you want to live through a long-term lens. Every city’s trajectory is unique, but to find a city that has something to offer everyone, no matter what stage of life, is worth a deeper look. Edmonton is a city that is clearly on the rise for families and singles alike, for three major reasons.


Edmonton as a city is ranked number one in Alberta by REIN, or the Real Estate Investment Network, as the city to invest in long-term. Why? Because its economy is extraordinarily diverse, growth-oriented, and dynamic, from public service to tech. Commercial real estate for office space is at a major premium for Edmonton because of the amount of companies looking to set up shop in the city. Oil is just one facet of Edmonton’s economy, as opposed to being the economy the way it is for much of province.

Urban Renewal

As a result of this boon for growth, Edmonton is in a powerful state of urban renewal. New projects like Lewis Estates or the ICE district, which is projected to be the largest mixed-use and entertainment district in Canada upon completion, are popping up all the time and propelling this young city forward. Take for example, the JW Marriott hotel which only recently opened, and as explained by local journalist David Staples “is signifier of Edmonton energy and swagger”. This kind of development will bring interest both nationally and internationally in terms of tourism, innovation, and investment. Which makes developments like this a great illustration as to how Edmonton is continually reshaping the landscape as it continues to grow.

Future-Focused Youth Hiring

An important indicator for families, particularly families with older children or young adults in tow, has to be the contours of the workforce. A really old, established workforce may be difficult to break into, which often leads to finding work elsewhere. Not in Edmonton though, a city ranked number one in all of Canada for youth hiring by the Urban Work Index. It’s a ranking that reflects an economy focused on the future and open to new ideas and fresh perspectives. Proof is in the pudding for families looking towards the future here.

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