Our Million-Dollar Neighbours – The New Recreation Centre

New recreation centre, library, ice rinks and academic facilities are joining our neighborhood

Pools, gyms, ice rinks, fitness centres and day care are all arriving just across the street from Stewart Greens. The  new recreation centre, estimated at roughly $245-million facility hasn’t quite received the green light yet, but has reached it’s final deliberations within the city council.

lewis farms rec centre stewart greens

Buying into a market before it receives an influx of government and private funding is smart. It’s going to be more than just a hub for sports, but also a school and library. This means that the multi-dimensional use of

Traditionally, there are only a couple key factors that lead to an increase in the value of land. According to PlanningTank, the first factor impacting the value of land are the physical attributes of the land. Second and third are, “accessibility to economic activities” and “neighborhood amenities” respectively. These can be schools, parks and even playgrounds as they help families save time in their day-to-day commutes.

All of these characteristics are arriving to Stewart Greens and we are happy to have them.

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