Kicking off Summer in West Edmonton with the Family

Temperatures are on the rise, school is out, and the days are longer, which makes spending quality time with the family that much more exciting. It’s also our cue to kick off the season with our Summer Block Party at Stewart Greens. This year’s event was an afternoon filled with games, BBQ, prizes, and a chance to support some extraordinary animals from the local rescue society, Infinite Woofs, to help find their ‘furever’ homes.

For those who couldn’t make it we’ve put together a short video with highlights from the day. 

It’s only just the beginning to a perfect Summer in Edmonton with plenty of activities the entire family can enjoy. Here are a few of our favorites that won’t break the bank or rack up the drive time. 

Louis Hole Centennial  Provincial Park

Louis Hole Centennial Provincial Park (quite a mouthful) is a stunning landmark, with a scenic lake, various short trails, and a variety of local wildlife. If you’re a birdwatcher, several different species that will keep you entertained. There’s of course, plenty of open space for kids to play frisbee or fly a kite, and countless spots under luscious trees to have a picnic. It’s also an excellent spot for a scenic stroll. If that doesn’t sound like a perfect afternoon (without breaking the bank) we don’t know what is. | Distance from Stewart Greens: 14.1 km

Art Gallery of Alberta

The Art Gallery of Alberta, founded in 1924, is the oldest cultural institution in the city. And when something stands the test of time for that long, you have to imagine they’ve done something right. There’s over 6,000 unique pieces of art they’ve collected and preserved, not to mention the architectural beauty of the building both inside and out. | Distance from Stewart Greens: 16.4 km

TELUS World of Science

TELUS World of Science offers an entertaining afternoon of exploring the deep world of science. From biology and human anatomy with “The Body Fantastic” to learn about our solar system and beyond with “SPACE Gallery” and so much more. World of Science is that perfect blend of learning, entertainment, and wonder your entire family can enjoy. | Distance from Stewart Greens: 16.4 km

West Edmonton Mall

Is it a little cliché for us to put the world-famous West Edmonton Mall on here? The West Edmonton Mall, from its waterpark to its rides, is truly something to behold. Most Edmontonians can attest to that but if for whatever reason you haven’t gone, now’s your opportunity. Its notoriety as the largest shopping mall in North America makes it a must-see, from an indoor amusement park, over 800 stores, and 2 hotels, you could spend an entire day in it without getting bored. | Distance from Stewart Greens: 5.2 km

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