5 Reasons Residents are Choosing Stewart Greens

Stewart Greens embodies what it means to own a beautiful Edmonton Home. There are many reasons to consider living in this community but we thought we’d give you our top five. Without further adieu, let’s jump into reason number one.

1. Location

Stewart Greens is a community that was built for families. As a result, the neighborhood is very close to numerous amenities and conveniences. Things that are near Stewart Greens include Family Doctors, Dentists, Schools, Recreational Centres/Sports Facilities. While your kids are at an appointment at one of the above four locations you can take the opportunity to kick back at the Lewis Estates golf course, this is a great place to relax.

2. Best Value and Premier Builders

We like to say that we have a home for everyone here at Stewart Greens, there are detached homes, duplex homes, and townhomes.  All of our designs are complete with a spacious with smart open floor plans, private yards, and a garage. Our builders include Daytona Homes, City Homes, and Kirkland Homes. All of our builders stand for integrity, honesty, and quality. We believe in customization so it would be noteworthy to mention that all you’d need to do is simply choose your preferred floor plan and our builders will help you customize the home to suit your personal style.

3. West Edmonton Welcomes all Seasons

West Edmonton is filled with luscious green space that is bordered by the North Saskatchewan River, as a result, this area offers opportunities for recreational activities and outdoor fun in every season. You can hike and bike with the family in the summertime and enjoy winters at the Snow Valley Ski club or Rabbit Hill. West Edmonton has everything you need and much more.

4. We Love First Time Home Buyers

Our homes were made for growing families hence we do our best to accommodate first time home buyers. It is understandable that there will be families that are above all beginning to enter a completely new chapter in their lives. We are expecting to have new families that are looking to purchase their first home, it can be a daunting experience. Our staff is willing to work with you and make things as simple as possible.

5. A True Sense of Community
Stewart Greens is a place where lifelong friendships are cultivated and developed. Family fun shapes the quality of life here. This is where backyard barbecues and play dates happen, camping trips are planned, peace and quiet are enjoyed. You can indulge in the pride of ownership and furthermore have a sense of satisfaction in the community. If you live in Stewart Greens you’ve above all invested in a happier future.

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