Three Great Activities for Fathers Day in Edmonton.

Well Fathers Day is on Sunday and some people are short on time and ideas. Well if you’re a member of this community we’ve got your back at Stewart Greens. Here are three activities you could do with any Dad to create an enjoyable fathers day experience. Enjoy!

1 . Eat Steak in Style.

Take your dad out for a nice dinner at the best Steakhouse in Edmonton. Lux Steakhouse doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to service. They make constant and consistent efforts to raise the bar when it comes to providing the best dining experience in the city. Our personal recommendation would be the 12 oz piece of prime rib with served with herb and garlic smashed potatoes and chipotle au jus. Incase you can’t quite picture it, look below. Yup.

2. Paintball.

Make sure you go before you eat. Head to the Edmonton Paintball Centre. This would be a great way to spend the day, not only is paintball competitive and entertaining. It makes for a great form of exercise, there are lots of opportunities to run, jump and stretch. Just remember to warmup first. Edmonton paintball has all of the equipment you and dad need such as masks, hoppers, guns and paintballs.

3.  Go go dad.

Speeders is located inside a massive 50,000 square foot facility. The track is suited for beginners and experienced drivers alike. It could be a really fun way to let loose this fathers day. They are the largest indoor racing facility in Canada and they pride themselves on having top tier safety standards. Head in this Sunday, you’ll be well taken care of this Fathers Day.

We hope this found you well. We thought we’d give you 2 activities and one dinner idea. That way we’ve provided you with the tools to make it a truly memorable afternoon. Have a wonderful fathers day!

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