Finding Your Dream Home in the Perfect School District

The school year may be ending, but that does not mean it isn’t still on the minds….of parents at least. Choosing a home when it comes to meeting the needs of your family, especially as it relates to where your kids will be attending school is on the very top of most lists. It goes beyond just putting your kids on the right track to succeed. Purchasing a home in a quality school district ensures the stability of your investment – and we all love the sound of that. While it may not be as straightforward to navigate as the other must-haves of the purchase, selecting where to live should not mean choosing between the home of your dreams and the better school district for your kids or your wallet. It simply means doing a little due diligence to find the right fit from the very beginning and with long-term needs in mind. Take these 3 pieces of advice when looking for that dream home with a school district to match.   

  1. MLS listings – Thanks to technology, the amount of additional information you can get your fingertips on when reviewing the value of a home has grown, and that includes school details. Search platforms such as Buzz Buzz, MLS, and Zillow all have options to search for homes based on specific school districts, grade level, and event student performance in some cases. Consider it enough to help guide you to the school’s website for a deeper dive into what matters most in your audit.
  2. Communities with families – It is safe to say that communities built for families will favor proximity to schools in mind. This is equally true for developments that are further from the city’s center and provide bus transportation. Sitting behind a computer screen may point you in the right direction, but to see it first hand can make all the difference.  Make a point to visit the neighbourhood, and speak to the parents in the area about their experience. Your kids will be going to school with theirs, so what better way than to learn more about it than straight from those who are living it.
  3. More than just test scores – Try not to get caught up in the data drum when it comes to assessing a school’s quality. It’s better to focus on your child’s needs, which should include extracurricular programs, the availability of future grade levels and the student to teacher ratio. Visit the school and the teachers during the year, see if they practice what they claim and whether you get that sense of assurance that your children will thrive and stay safe.

With a high density of families living in Stewart Greens, there are several  quality of schools with varying grade levels, less than 10 Km away.

Thorncliffe School (Elementary) | Grade Level: K-6 | Distance from community: 5.4 km
Thorncliffe’s emphasis is on making sure every student is successful. Therefore, they believe heavily in parental involvement in their child’s education and offer leveled learning interventions for students who have learning difficulties.

Britannia School (Elementary to Middle) | Grade Level: K – 9 | Distance from community: 9.2 km Britannia services a very wide range of grades, from Kindergarten all the way through to Grade 9. Their instruction centers around teaching two key components; literacy and numeracy, and cross-curricular projects used to break up compartmentalization within learning.

Hillcrest School (Middle) | Grade Level: 7-9 | Distance from community: 6.9 km Hillcrest values diversity and creativity in their students. They have extensive second-language classes in both French and Mandarin Chinese as well as support for those who are still learning English, alongside a robust arts program.

Jasper Place High School | Grade Level: 10-12 | Distance from community: 7.0 km Jasper Place employs a central theme within their philosophy, namely Differentiated Instruction, so they can tailor their instruction to different students. As a result, they are the only high school in Edmonton to offer both AP and IB programs for their higher-achieving students.

Learn more about the West Edmonton area and how it can meet your family’s needs by registering or visiting one of our show homes today.

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